Steelism — Cat’s Eye Ring

The Nashville based group Steelism have released “Cat’s Eye Ring,” a cut from their upcoming LP 615 to FAME that’s set for release September 16 via Single Lock Records. The Band is comprised of Jeremy Fetzer (guitar) and Spencer Cullum (pedal Steel) who met while touring with Caitlyn Rose and started composing instrumental ideas together during their downtime on tour.

Steelism is an interesting group partially because they’re an all instrumental pedal steel/guitar combo, but also because unlike many instrumental string bands, Steelism isn’t merely a vehicle for long ego stroking solos. Instead, the band focuses on crafting strong melodies into compositions that would fit nicely on an Ennio Morricone soundtrack.

To that end, “Cat’s Eye Ring” has an almost cinematic feel that slowly ebbs and flows starting with a dusty desert guitar melody, and morphing to full band arrangement, complete with Jordan Lehing’s gorgeous string arrangement. “Cat’s Eye Ring” is a catchy tune that allows listeners to create their own western storyline as the tune’s ghostly melodies plays out.

If you dig “Cat’s Eye Ring” Be sure to check out 615 to FAME on September 16, and catch the band on tour this fall as they support the new record.

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