The Cadbury Sisters — Fire

TSC-image-1Yesterday, The Cadbury Sister, yet another sister folk/rock group released their debut EP Close via Fear of Fiction. The group seeks to combine traditional English folk with the sounds of more contemporary groups like Fleet Foxes and First Aid Kit, and in many respects they succeed.

Of Close’s four songs, “Fire” is the track the really caught my ear — although not at first. The tune starts with gently picked guitar and soft delicate vocals.  It’s a sparse almost uninspired start, but with each succeeding verse and chorus, additional parts are added– a harmonized chorus, more ragged urgent guitar, and some bass.

Finally, just when I thought I’ve been given everything the song has to offer, huge drums fade in followed by arena sized electric guitars. The final chorus rages with intensity, that completely caught me off guard. What a great way to finish the tune and the EP.

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