Vomitface — “Sloppy Joes”

VomitfaceVomitface, is a self-proclaimed “Black Surf” power trio who are lying down some pretty interesting tunes out of the NY/NJ area. I’d say their name will keep them pinned deeply in the underground, but with bands like Diarreah Planet and Perfect Pussy rolling off my tongue in everyday conversation, if Vomitface churns out good tunes, they’ll be just fine.

“Sloppy Joes” manages to cram together elements of doom rock, grunge, garage rock and a healthy dose of tasty fuzz guitar licks into a concise sub-three minute tune. The juxtaposition between the heavy bass/guitar work and the clean guitar intro line is what makes “Sloppy Joes” work– it’s jarring at first, but it really grooves. I’m very interested to hear how effectively those extremes play out live with only three members though, so Vomitface, come to Nashville and let’s see whatcha got.

If you’re into “Sloppy Joe,” and think Vomitface might be the next big thing, the band is releasing a limited edition 133 unit puke green (obviously) debut 7″ that will even include 33 hand numbered marble vinyl copies.

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