Video: Childhood — Falls Away

Check out the video for “Falls Away,” the current single for the London based group Childhood. The stop animation video, directed by Alen Volney, is both simple and trippy with its glitchy movements and psychedelic coloring. But as great as the video is, it’s the tune itself that I’m excited about.

“Falls Away” is a little less psychedelic and more soulful than the band’s previous releases like “Solemn Skies,” but with all the brit psych revivalists bands out there now, that’s a good thing. The vocals are soft and smooth, the are drums understated, almost jazzy, in the verse, but the hook is catchy as hell and seems to explode in intensity with each pass.

Childhood’s debut album is set for a summer release on House Anxiety/Marathon Artists, and is one that I’m certainly looking forward to.

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