Alice Boman — “What”

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Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman released “What” from her upcoming release titled EP II that will be available in the U.S. June 3rd via The Control Group.

Boman’s 2013 debut EP Skisser found the singer’s fragile voice wrapped around layers of muffled lo-fi instruments –most notably piano– and “What” sees Boman continuing where Skisser left off.

The tune, which was recorded in a cabin in the Swedish woods, retains the lo-fi sounds of her previous work, but the production may be even more restrained.

The piano sounds like the one in your grandma’s living room– warm, and possibly even a little out of tune–but it meshes perfectly with the tune’s haunting backdrop of ethereal backing vocals to create a perfect reverb-laden foundation for Boman’s airy, but direct vocals.

“What” is a simple song, but that’s what makes it work and in the absence intricate production you’re forced to focus on the beautiful interplay between the piano and Boman’s melancholy vocals.

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